How distributed databases deal with replication lag. Plus, reversing a linked list in a few logical steps.

January 2023

On the importance of design patterns in software development. And how to measure and increase availability in distributed systems.
Why logarithms are on of the most important math concepts for developers. And the process Facebook uses to encode 500K+ videos each month.
How to manipulate linked lists using the fast and slow pointer method. Plus a beginner-friendly introduction to relational databases.
My plans and resolutions for the new year. Plus: how Uber handles Push notifications and how to improve your test suite while bug-fixing.

December 2022

How to define SMART goals and why they are effective.
How TCP implements a reliable network communication channel.
An introduction to hashing in distributed systems. And why consistent hashing is a good approach.
How to properly implement the counting sort algorithm. And when to use it for optimizing the performance.

November 2022

An overview of the concept of cache and how caching is used in distributed systems.
How to effectively use the sliding window technique to solve coding interview questions.
An introduction to me and to this newsletter. And why I've named it polymathic engineer.